Great view of the Mississippi. Very good bar food. The staff was very friendly. A local hand out. Can't go wrong if the locals eat there.

Chris Dowers

I walked into my favorite dive bar and no one knew it was me. This place has everything you didn't know you were missing and it's always ready for you when you need it. Even if they don't know you from anyone else you still get Rockstar treatment. I'm just glad I liked it before it was cool.

Jake Allbee

Amazing 3 tacos with drink $5! Outside seating directly on river with beautiful view

Tony Mazarati

We came to this spot for a meeting. This restaurant was recommended to us by a friend. Well, it was a winning. The crew welcomed us with a smile and we had a great feeling. The meal was tasty. We enjoyed every moment and we shall definitely come back again. Highly recommended.

Dwight Riggs

We were in the area visiting Antiques Archeology and decided to walk through town down to this "Riverview Roadhouse". We wanted to see the river view. It was very nice. When you walk into this bar it is the perfect family owned place with great service and "tasty" drinks. I could taste the rum in my Bacardi-diet. That doesn't happen much any more. The food is your typical bar food, nothing fancy. If you are looking for fancy don't go to a bar that has "roadhouse" in it's title. We would go back if we are ever in the area.

Julie Cherry

Been a few times. I'm typically satisfied with the service and food, send guests down all the time and haven't heard a complaint yet. Bit on the dive bar side inside, but the patio outside is lovely with an unbeatable river view.

Colin Parry

Great food, service, and river view! Very friendly AND reasonable prices. Check out their daily specials or enjoy a flame-broiled hamburger and crinkle cut fries - our favorite!

Cindy Bruhn

Nice bar/restaurant. Burgers and pork tenderloin were very good. Beautiful river view. Hard working waitress/cook/bartender gave as excellent service. Would definitely recommend this place for a quick meal.

Judy Fulkerson

Amaizzzzing river viewing with nature silence! Food is sooo big with a drink n tasty 4 little price! Nice friendly local people!

Alex Arabi

Delicious! Everything is cooked in the open where you can see. Have some pool and games for entertainment with a beautiful view right next to the river. Are there twice while visiting over the weekend.

Danielle Schmidt

I had to have a bar burger and so a friend of mine suggested that we go here and have one! It had been a long time since I've had a good bar cheeseburger!
It was delicious and the fries were very good as well. We were very happy with our meal!
An added bonus for me was seeing the river and a train that went by!

Nancy Offenhiser

Stopped here on our way home, eastbound on I-74. Great hole-in-the-wall with good food and very friendly staff. Since we pass through Le Claire on a regular basis, we will keep Roadhouse on our list of food options.

Scott Pickering

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